26 May 2010


It was last Saturday, the grass was cut, I'd put in my run for the day, I was bored, and ready to get out of the house. According to the Minnesota Tourism website, the Minnesota Soybean Festival was one of the big events of the weekend. This photo is taken from ground zero of the soy extravaganza, at the height of the festivities.

We stayed there all of 5 minutes, chatted with the locals, then moved on to the Afton Arts Festival, which was like Times Square compared to this.

15 May 2010


Been here a dozen times or more and it never feels familiar. Many places I visit I leave thinking, "I could live here", or at least, "I can understand why people would build a life here." I have thought that about Bangkok and Berkley, but not Boston.

04 May 2010

She got a new car

The mystery woman in my parking garage has a new car. It was filled with junk even before she had the new plates on. See my prior entry of August 27, 2009