30 January 2011

Three memories of Argentina.

Just got back from Buenos Aires with my wife. Blah blah blah, wonderful city, blah blah great art and crafts and all the like. Weather was wonderful. The memories I will take away could not be more diiferent. Three stand out. The restaurant Las Lilas was one of the few expensive restaurants I've been to that lives up to the hype. Blah blah blah steaks, blah blah blah octupus, dessert, all were great.Probably what I will remember most ten years from now. Second, my wife spending a grueling night with a stomach virus ( no photo available ). Third was Evita's tomb. Modest by the gaudy standards of this cemetery. You have to hunt for it. Hundred and hundreds of crypts.

22 January 2011

Our home in January

It was 2 degrees this morning. Cold, but 24 degrees warmer than the 22 below of yesterday morning. Snow is mailbox high everywhere and the snow mounds at the end of driveways are 4-6 feet high. It is a little hard keeping the house warm but nice just the same.

Wisconsin Farmland

I've never been one to take pictures out of airplanes, but this scene the other evening was really special. Wisconsin from the air. Taken on a flight between Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Just after sunset, full moon.

01 January 2011

Burning the Red Sox hat

We started the year off right with the ritual burning of a red sox hat. The tradition has been previously documented in this blog.

Snow Mountain

This is the pile of snow at the end of our street. When the snow plow comes they push it all here. There is a band of grade school age boys that stand guard over it, reshaping it to fit the latest make believe battle or other adventure. Since we have lived here the mound has never made it to April.The rising temperatures of early spring turn what's left of it into a small pile of dirt in the last days of March.