23 February 2011

More snow and more snow and more snow....

The weekend that started with a forecast for a few flurries turned in to one of the biggest storms in our time in Minnesota. All told almost 20 inches fell before it finally subsided. It came right in the middle of Katie's visit which ended up changing all sorts of plans for the weekend. But all in it was a great time and we had a wonderful visit with our niece/cousin. So we missed the day trip to Stillwater and the search for some memorable new restaurant and substituted with a Sunday afternoon at Mall of America and dinner at Santorini, our local Greek restaurant. There were six of us and we were probably half the crowd in the restaurant. We still have several weeks of winter to go but this is already the biggest of our tenure here, at 80 inches thus far. Typical for us has been 45-60. So things are back to normal and after a few days last week of actually seeing grass, we are now back to deep piles of white everywhere. Sunday night was spent by both Katie and me killing time at the airport waiting for our flights to take off, she heading back home, me off to Newark. I finally crawled into bed at a hotel in Princeton NJ around 3am.

18 February 2011

I saw my yard today

For the first time since last November I saw part of my lawn this morning. Ugly sight. A snowman that was built back in November and toppled in December, has been uncovered by the melt.

It was 50 degree yesterday, unseasonably warm. Today it is back to normal, 20's. Not much snow ahead though. Spring training cranks up this week. Albert, stay with the Cardinals, take whatever offer you get. Cardinals, give him whatever he wants.

Niece Katie is coming today, bringing some more of the right kind of warmth to our home in winter.

13 February 2011


I missed this and could have done more to stop it.

07 February 2011

Six more weeks, or so, of winter

Annual ice fishing trip was this weekend to a local lake. Ice was about two feet thick. Robin and I caught about six small walleye total. No pics from that expedition. Here's the house in Feb. Still too much snow around the bushes to get the Christmans lights and wreaths down. Maybe by next month.