17 May 2011

They eat a lot of popcorn

In 2003, after a few months in Minnesota, I was asked how the people differed from those in other parts of America. "They eat a lot more popcorn" was the first thing that came to mind. (confirmed just moments ago in a stroll by our trading desk) Other things....

They are very polite and obedient ( it is their defining trait )

They do not understand Southerners, as they are prone to make statements about the south that would puzzle any of us. They speak of us as though we don't really exist, but were some sort of made for TV oddity.

Johnny is "going away" to school means attending college in a different county.

They believe a government can solve personal problems.

They are trusting.

They have a sense of superiority to the rest of the nation. Not smug, but a simple belief that they are indeed better.

They are fans of cold weather sports, hockey primarily, and football. They like baseball but it is more of a passing summer interest, rather than an obsession.

They are Democrats, but not reliably so. They never exhibit the burning passion over political issues that folks elsewhere do.

They eat fried cheese with ketchup.

They hate the heat and will spending silly sums on cabins in the North Country.

As neighbors go, they are difficult to get to know, but are generally helpful in a pinch.

As drivers, they are slow to react to change, such as the light turning from red to green. (They never seem to get that "green arrow thing" at intersections)

They never honk their horns in traffic. Anyone honking is obviously from out of state.

In the end, all this is trivial stuff, funny little things. As people, they are about as good as we get.

14 May 2011

big people

I've met a few famous people over the years. I met one in Omaha a couple of weeks ago who is known for his wealth, more than anything else. None have I ever wanted to trade places with, but it is interesting to observe them. To think about what their life is like. I suspect some of them might want to trade places with me. Usually they are forgotten soon after they are gone.

Our Home in May

May began with freezing temps and snowflakes, but it is beginning to look like spring around here. The grass is green and leaves are coming out on all the trees. We had some landscaping done the past few weeks and took out a lot of the shrubs.

Smoked a few ribs for the third time this spring. Though the temp was in the 50's there is something about firing up a smoker and a grill that makes it seem much more like summer than it actually is. "You smell like smoke" is something I never tire of hearing.