30 September 2013

Post season

It is almost October and my team is still playing.

Rummaging through a storage bin yesterday I counted the numbers of gloves.

Nine, including one catchers mitt. Perfect.

 I wonder where they were when last used in a real game? The field at Fishpot Creek? Ballwin, Ellisville or Manchester ball parks? That information is long lost, but not the love of the game.

Go Cards!

28 September 2013

In all things give thanks

Is the woman in this picture praying for healing, giving thanks for a coin dropped in her cup...or, might she be giving thanks for her affliction?

The Bible says Christians should give thanks for all things. A very hard command to follow.

So we thank God for things we don't understand, for the pain of a loved one, for personal hurts and crises, for being mistreated.

Too often we wait until a crisis has passed and then give thanks, a sort of "Whew, God, thanks for letting me get by that one!" Real faith is shown by the one who gives thanks in the middle of the darkness, before knowing the outcome, when at his weakest, lifts his face to heaven in thanks.

For the victories we do not see, for the work of God withheld from our eyes, for the joys that are still far away, for the purifying work of tribulation on our souls, we thank you God.

I am witnessing this true faith in the life of someone I love very much.