21 November 2017

The eve of Thanksgiving eve.

It is two days before Thanksgiving and I am in the Charlotte airport. Flight out of Knoxville was delayed so I spent a ew hours at my brother Kevin's house waiting. Had a real nice cigar and a snack of crackers and pimento cheese. Watch the second half of last years Clemson Alabama game on his deck and talked football and Thanksgiving plans. A nice break from a routine business trip.

Charlotte airport is packed with happy people, off to see family and friends. No one has more to be thankful for than I.

14 March 2017

New Stuff

Got some snow this week, our second one of the month after a very dry Feb. Soon the ground, the lake, the trees will be showing signs of spring, signs that what we thought was dead is alive. Symbols of the Resurrection. What was dead is alive. Easter.