30 November 2008

Thanksgiving - Thirteen thanks

My three children astound me. 2 1/2 grownups (as opposed to the 1 1/2 grownups who are their parents) with the half not neccessarily belonging to the youngest. When I held each of them for the very first time I whispered the name of their savior. It was the first word they heard. All the good things I hoped for when each was born are coming to pass. They have endured their trials in ways that makes me so very very pleased. All of those prayers whispered over each of their cradles have come to pass many many times over. A day does not passed that I am not reminded of some good lesson taught to me by my parents. I believe my children are surrounding themselves with friends who build them up and make them better. I trust they are returning the favor. My ancestors have imbedded in my family a moral DNA with hundreds of years of lessons and examples of right living. They influence us in ways we do not grasp. After 30 years it still confounds me that I have the honor of spending a single day in the presence of my wife. I do not deserve to share the same home with her. The wisdom God granted me has kept me out of trouble and preserved my family from disaster many times. When nature sleeps God covers her in a blanket of white. God has entrusted to me a few dollars and I pray I used them wisely most of the time. I own a Coleman smoker. Pigs dream of the honor of the gentle cremation of a portion of their remains in this chamber. To the craftsman at the Onyx cigar company I toast the Churchill cigar with the maduro wrapper. Equally worthly of praise is the Hoyo de Monterrey, Double Corona, maduro cigar. When I read it is often from the great works of C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton. When I gather with my great extended family it is at Roan Mountain State Park, Cabin 5.

21 November 2008


At a very fine luncheon engagement today I was reminded that when it comes to personal service, there simply is no better restaurant in my town than Zelo.

19 November 2008


I did not expect a close this low. I should have.