01 January 2012

Burning the Red Sox Hat 2012

We say goodbye to 2011 and another year of St. Louis Cardinals dominance of major league baseball.

We say hello to 2012 as we've done for several years now, by burning a red sox cap. Why we do this? See this blog entry...  http://midnightdiner.blogspot.com/2008/12/burning-hat-and-other-family-traditions.html

Rachel did the honors this year of tossing the hat in the fireplace, while Caroline documented the event with her photographer's eye.

We began the day with six cheap redsox caps in a trashbag and hanging from a peg in our laundry room. In a way it bugs us that we actually paid for these things, since by doing so we are sending dollars to that team. But they were cheap and on the bottom shelf of a discount rack at the Walmart SuperCenter in Waco, TX. How they got there, who knows? But they were just about $5 a piece and will take us through 2017.

The day also saw my running streak pass the 14 year mark. We ate blackeyed peas and rice for good luck, and played the game of "Life", which I suppose is a metaphor of some type for this day. A good beginning to a good year.