24 March 2012


Road trip through the sand hills of North Carolina with my brother Kevin.

20 March 2012

What's in your wallet

Mine has
1. boarding pass for my wife for a flight to Phoenix
2. health insurance card
3. a bank notice from 1981, closing my checking acct due to overdrafts
4. Delta airlines Diamond Medallion card
5. A yellow post-it with the dimensions of a container I am shopping for
6. bus pass
7. building access card
8. Costco card
9. Chicago CTA transit card
10. One Amex and three Visa cards
11. An Ingles Advantage card
12. AAA membership card
13. Nexus border crossing card
14. Minnesota drivers license
15. Picture of the family
16. $27 US
17. two restaurant receipts
18. Minnesota fishing license
19. One of my old business cards with my childrens height, by year. I copied off the wall in our basement in St. Louis before we moved.
20. My father's obituary
21. Friends of Roan Mountain lifetime membership card
22. Cardinals/cubs ticket stub from May 2, 2004.
23. Business card of Dr. Natalia Kramarevsky

I am running out of things to blog about

I have bloggers block. No more blogs about crazy weather, Christmas services, cigars, or airplane experiences. At least for a while. Politics are too toxic. I'm stumped.