23 August 2016

First post of 2016

My how things like twitter and linked in take away from blogging. I really used to love this but there is something about that evil little bird that keeps me from posting here like I should. What are the big things in my life this summer?

A new granddaughter, a special reminder of how wonderful God is and how the world is blessed by new children who are born into loving homes where He is honored.

A new dock service. Hooray! No more days waking up at night wondering if the dock is going out in the spring or if it will freeze to the lake in the fall.

Gooseberries, currants, and hazelnuts from bushes I planted three years ago.

New landscaping on a hillside that was once home to an old shed.

That is all for now. Just wanted to get something plugged into the blog today. If I recall right one of my new years resolutions was to blog more this year than last. I have some work to do.